Pro Install kit


Includes everything you need to get your kit installed like a pro.

*When choosing a wet install its extremely important to wait at least 72 hours before or until all moisture has dried before going for a shred.


Step 1 removes any waxes, oils, chain lube, grease, silicones, detailing sprays etc and prepares surface for maximum adhesion. This is an important step as even brand new plastic has a silicone / mould release coating that must be removed and step 1 makes it easy.

Step 2 allows you to float decal around into position to get things lined up just right. This makes it really easy for those large or tricky shaped pieces. Any air bubbles can be squeezed right out as well. When completely dry provides extra adhesion power.

A soft felt sided squeegee is also included to help give your fingers a rest without leaving a scratch in your high gloss.


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